Storm Damage
& Insurance  Claims

As your home’s first line of defense against the elements, your roof and exteriors take a beating. Sometimes a storm’s wear and tear is too much, causing damage that needs immediate repairs. At Bay To Bay, we have a 24 hour response time and stay ready to help you repair your home as quickly as possible. We work directly with your insurance company, from filing the claim to repair and cleanup.

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Storm damage to your home?
How can we help?
Roofing Damage
Roofing Damage
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How to Handle Storm Damage
A Step by Step Guide

Step 1


Contact Bay To Bay

We will get to your home as soon as possible to assess the damage and connect with your insurance company, initiating the claim process quickly and efficiently.


Step 2



Take Pictures of the damage as soon as you can. Whether there is damage to your house or personal belongings, you’ll want documentation showing exactly what was damaged.

Step 3



Make temporary repairs to your home, avoiding additional unnecessary damage. Bay To Bay can help with this during our assessment, so don’t try anything you are not comfortable doing. From hanging storm tarps to nailing up plywood, we can help.


Step 4


Finalize Claims

Once your claim is filed, it should only take a few days (maybe less) for your insurance company to approve repairs.

Step 5


Begin Repairs

Once we receive approval from your insurance company, Bay To Bay will begin repairs as soon as possible. We will give you a roof that is better than what you had, and, more importantly, get you and your family comfortably back into your home.

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Tips for Dealing with Storm Damage.
What NOT to do ....

If there are any signs of structural or electrical damage, wait for the professionals to arrive. Your safety is the most significant factor when dealing with storm damage.

Don’t go under damaged trees or power lines

After a storm, nothing is as secure as it may seem. Take added precautions and be very aware of your surroundings and the dangers that may be present.

Don’t throw anything away

It’s important to hold onto any valuables that were damaged by the storm until your insurance company documents the damage.

Don’t think you have to use the contractors provided by your insurance company

You don't have to use the contractors named by your insurance company. You have the right to choose your licensed contractor.

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