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The Bay To Bay Storm Team are specialists in storm damage. We are experienced in the insurance claims process and know what insurance companies need to keep the claims process moving along. We work alongside our clients to ensure their insurance agency receives the information and documentation needed to open and close the claims file as seamlessly as possible.

I want an expert in:

The Bay To Bay Storm Team will:

  • Arrive at the property as soon as possible to assess damage, evaluate scope of work needed and provide a free estimate

  • Contact the insurance agency to assist the property owner in initiating the claim process

  • Provide the insurance company with pictures of damage

  • Make temporary repairs to avoid additional unnecessary damage from occurring before work on the main project can begin

Aging roofs will fail and take on damage during storms that bring high winds, hail, heavy rain and wet, heavy snow. Though it's best to replace a roof that has reached the end of its useful lifespan - before it fails - weather may not wait.

Weather damage also affects newer roofs, weakening its defenses and creating ways for moisture to creep through cracks and valleys and into attics, ceilings and walls. The cost to the property owner dramatically increases with every level the water reaches, and then is compounded by time.

The roof is the first line of defense against devastating damage to a home, like rotting wood. It is also a critical defense in protecting families from dangerous mold. Bay To Bay Building Concepts is licensed, insured and ready to help protect your family and investment with a quality roof that will last a lifetime.

After the Storm

Bay To Bay Storm Damage Guide

Step 1

Call Bay To Bay Storm Team

We will get to your home as soon as possible to assess the damage and connect with your insurance company, initiating the claim process quickly and efficiently.

If you have an obvious leak coming from your roof, we won't leave you stranded. Our expert storm team will tarp your roof to shield the inside of your home from further water damage. When you call Bay To Bay, help is on the way.

Step 2

Take Photos

Take photos of your damaged belongings to include in your property damage claim - but only if it's safe. Only take photos of your home from the ground - DO NOT climb onto the roof. Let the roofing professionals at Bay To Bay take care of that for you.


Step 3

Finalize Claims

Once your claim is filed, it should only take a few days (maybe less) for your insurance company to approve repairs.

Our storm damage specialists work with our clients and their insurance companies to help make the clais process as seamless as possible.


Step 4

Start Work

Once we receive approval from your insurance company, we begin repairs as soon as possible.


We will give you a roof that is better than what you had, and, more importantly, get you and your family comfortably back into your home.


If you see signs that your roof is leaking - don't wait - call us today!



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