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Bay To Bay Building Concepts provides roofing and siding services for residential and commercial buildings in Central and West Michigan. We offer FREE, no obligation evaluations and estimates so you have the information you need to make the best decision for you and your property.


Bay To Bay Building Concepts provides services to homeowners that goes far beyond installing a new roof or siding. We work with our clients to help them through the process of a project, answering questions, providing information about what homeowners should and can expect with the work schedule. After all, it's more than a house. It's a home.

Bay To Bay offers FREE, NO OBLIGATION evaluations and estimates provided by our roofing and siding experts, warranties covering material and workmanship, and in-house financing options. The Bay To Bay team is experienced in evaluating storm damaged and have years of experience helping clients maneuver through the insurance claims process.          Learn more ...



Bay To Bay Building Concepts provides commercial flat roofing systems and solutions for West and Central Michigan businesses and industry. We are an elite installation contractor for GAF, America's largest roofing product manufacturer, and our expert teams have the knowledge and experience to quickly complete small projects or take on large-scale projects.

As a business, Bay To Bay Building Concepts knows how critical it is to keep the wheels turning. A leaking roof can cost a business thousands and upwards of millions ($$$) in operation loss alone.


Want to be a priority? Call us. We do roofing. We do it well.          Learn more ...

B2B Priority-One 

B2B Priority-One is a program designed by Bay To Bay Building Concepts to meet the needs of customer and member based businesses, such as Realtors, insurance companies, property management companies, homeowners associations and historical district associations. 

As a B2B Priority-One client, businesses and associations will receive unparalleled priority service from Central and West Michigan's trusted roofing and siding experts.          Learn more …  

Bay To Bay Storm Team 

Calls for help from homeowners begin from the time a major storm hits Central and West Michigan communities and continue for many weeks, and the Bay To Bay Storm Team responds to them all, often with tarps and supplies to help families dealing with damaged, leaking roofs.  


Our storm damage experts are experienced and knowledgeable in the insurance claims process, know what information and documentation insurance companies require and advocate for Bay To Bay clients. Our clients receive support from their project manager, our field support, customer support, production and operations teams to provide them with the best possible care in a very difficult and stressful time.           Learn more … 

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