• Jerold Saeman, Bay To Bay

What is That?

We get questions every day from people who want to know more about their home exteriors. The questions hit on a lot of the same areas, like how to tell if a roof needs to be replaced; what are the signs that there may be trouble with roof shingles; how long to wait before replacing siding.

These questions and many more like them are why the Bay To Bay Blog was created. It was clear that people wanted a place to go for answers to everyday questions about their homes and properties. And, quite frankly, scouring the internet isn't always helpful. What the correct answer is for a home in Florida is most likely NOT the correct answer for a home in Michigan.

On our new Bay To Bay Blog, we will cover topics about home exterior maintenance and care, how to recognize signs of trouble, easy and simple DIYs and when a DIY is a DIY-DON'T.

So, welcome to our new space! Consider it your home away from home. And, if you have a specific question about your roof, siding, gutters, windows or deck, give us a shout at






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