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Bay To Bay Building Concepts brings four generations of roofing and siding experience and knowledge to our commercial and residential installation jobs. Our Project Managers oversee every project from contract to completion, working closely with our clients through the process and keeping them updated on the progress of their investment.  

Bay To Bay Building Concepts set the standard in the roofing and siding industry and continues to improve on process, execution and delivery of high quality products, earning us the honor of becoming a trusted roofing contractor in West and Central Michigan. And Bay To Bay's specialized teams go the extra mile, providing unmatched client care.


What we do is more than a job - more than roofing - more than siding. Our clients are important to us. We walk down the street, and we see community. We see family. We've never met a stranger. Welcome to Bay To Bay. Welcome to our family!

(Jerold Saeman, owner of Bay To Bay Building Concepts, his wife Elizabeth, and their two daughters. 2019)

Meet the Bay To Bay Team

Jerold Saeman 
Jerold is a class act when it comes to taking care of his clients, employees and community. We are never surprised to get texts from him well into the evening with ideas, questions or thoughts for the next day. But no problems there. We're all so vested in the growth of Bay To Bay Building Concepts, sharing great ideas for its continued success is exciting. Jerold enjoys fishing, hunting and getting his hair cut. His joy and passion is family.
Elizabeth Saeman 
Business Manager
What doesn't Elizabeth do to keep the business humming? We haven't come across it yet. Finances? Yup. Customer service? Yup. Order materials? Yup. Drop materials at job sites? Yup. Pick up pizza for a hungry crew? Yup. She is also always ready with a good word, to listen, to offer support and give encouragement. Elizabeth is wicked funny, loves chocolate and does something called an alligator dance that is impossible to describe with words.
Joan VH
Marketing & Inside Sales Manager
Joan is a skilled marketing strategist, and we're excited to have her on our Bay To Bay team. She's a pro both online and in person and makes sure we're out in the community, active and involved in positive change. Joan is our resident "absent minded professor" -  quirky, walks into doors and drops things a lot. We love her here. Outside of marketing, family and fishing are her passions. And boots. She loves boots.
Jessica W.
Office Manager
Jessica keeps our Bay To Bay showroom and office running like a dream - especially because we all know better than to mess up her system.  She loves playing softball and trying to recreate Pinterest crafts. Jessica loves watching her stepsons playing in the orchestra and "every sport imaginable." Jessica's smile can brighten a room and an entire day. She's an awesome support for our teams and our clients. 
Damion J. 
Production Manager
Meet the man behind the voice. Damion is first on the calls to get projects moving; handling everything from ordering material to getting our jobsite crews scheduled and making sure the dumpster is in place. He is a wealth of knowledge and has many awesome connections in the community. We think he may even have a hotline to Santa. We're all extra nice to Damion.  
Hunter L. 
Director of Sales
This guy will step up to every challenge when it comes to meeting the needs of our company and our clients. A straight shooter, Hunter is a sales guru - Bay To Bay's genie in a bottle, so to speak. He is also a Navy veteran and has the gratitude and respect of every Bay To Bay team member. Hunter loves to ... well, hunt. Spending time outdoors is a passion with activities that include fishing, boating, golf and climbing onto roofs.  
Adam H. 
Field Technician
Adam is a powerhouse at Bay To Bay. Much like the Eveready Bunny, he just keeps going and going and going. Adam is the guy that answers the call when materials are needed at a jobsite, conducts final clean-up when needed and does final walk-throughs when a project is complete. He is a member of the Bay To Bay Storm Team, provides estimates for storm damaged roofs and full siding installation and shares his expertise at trade shows and community events. We don't keep the doors closed for long when Adam is around. He's apt to run right through it. 
Dani T.
Canvass Lead
Dani is the newest member of our Bay To Bay family. She began as canvasser in training for management and is now a Canvass Lead building her own team. She will soon be full blown management, and it's well deserved. Dani is fearless, determined and smart as a whip. Not a gal to be taken lightly, she can go toe-to-toe in lead generation with the best in the business. Some of us are concerned for our jobs. Seriously ... 

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